Jewels of Krishna

The spectacle As Jóias de Krishna was inspired by the Hindu mythology, from where it brought legends, dances and other elements of the Hindu culture, selected by the Company, mixing many representation techniques.
Thus, the Classic Hindu dancing Odissi, the live music, executed with traditional instruments like sitar e harmonium, are the Company’s interpretation of Tradition.
Krishna , Ganesh, Shiva and other characters from this fantastic universe are presented to the audience in a relaxed and well-humored way, with puppets and actors.
As a Pandit (learned man and story teller) tells some of his fabulous stories, he calls up both curiosity and greed of a thief, who decides to steal Krishna’s jewel to satisfy his needs.

But in the end, as he founds Krishna, he has a great surprise.
The Company aims not solely “to tell a story”, but to make a theatrical celebration, bringing the audience into the spectacle, singing and dancing traditional themes.

The end of this story leads us into a reflection, very relevant nowadays, about human condition, feelings, compassion and the existence itself.
The play is allowed for all ages, has 50 minutes, and can also be presented in alternative spaces.


Conception and directing: Cia Ópera na Mala
Puppets: Sergio Serrano
Costume Design: Cris Miguel
Photos: César Nogueira