The Mysterious Box of the Story Teller

In October, 2000, we created a dramatic performance for the release of the book called A Misteriosa Caixa do Contador de Histórias, by Sergio Palmiro Serrano (The Mysterious Box of the Story Teller).

Stimulated by the great repercussion of such work, we decided to develop a theatrical presentation beyond the book itself introducing new elements, characters and stories, enriching the narrative and expanding the fantasy suggested and conducted by such theme.

As parts of this fantastic world we suggest, there are some characters as the funambulist, who crosses the tightrope on his monocycle as a metaphor to those who venture their selves into the challenge of telling stories, the Flying Cow which brings the book, pushing the audiences’ imagination, the butterfly-elephant bringing the mysterious Box, among others.

The Story Teller arrives in a square and starts to take tales from the inside of his box to rejoice his respectable audience, among which, O Soldadinho de Chumbo e a Bailarina, A História da Velha a Fiar and A Yara na noite de São João (The Little Soldier of Plumb and the Ballerina, The Story of The Spinning Old Lady, and Yara at Saint John’s Night, respectively). One day, however, he finds his Box empty and he found no stories to tell. He gets very upset, and travels around the world to find “his stories” looking for anything that could refresh his memory, including suggestions made by the audience. Lastly, the Story Teller finds the key of his own destiny, merging the legend with real life, discovering the adventure of telling his own story.

With a wide variety of repertory, the Story Teller performs each story in a different manner. Despite being a puppet, he is a versatile actor and uses many techniques,including the puppet theatre, in other words, he is both a puppet and a puppeteer. In this play, where the characters are puppets, the actors are not merely puppeteers, but they are also part of the show, playing games and music, sharing the puppets emotions and adding their inner fantasies as they were an expansion of the characters.

The company’s work is based on a research integrating image and text, actor and puppet, music and movement, working with humor, imagination and poetry.